About The Foundation Village:

The Foundation Village is a village in New Zealand that is specially designed for the retired people. We are a team of people whose sole purpose is to serve people when they reach their retirement life and help them in making their retired life the best one. We believe that a person should have the best time in the retired life and spent the best life in these years of their lives. We make sure that we help in the best possible way to our community which has opted for services. We have designed the village by making sure that every need of the retired people living with us is being fulfilled. We assure our tenants that we will take care of them in the best way possible and they will have the best experience with us. We make sure that all the things that are on the bucket list of our people are fulfilled and they have one of the most amazing time with us. 

 Why choose The Foundation Village?

There are many reasons to choose The best retirement apartments in Auckland as your rest home for the retired life. We make sure that we serve each client with the best we could. Some of the reasons for choosing us are listed below:

All luxuries available: 

We have every kind of luxurious service available at our village. Such as; barbeque, café cinema, roof terrace gardening, private chef for private catering, Gymnasium, hair salon and spa, lounge bar, boutique cinema, private dining room, reading room, games and Billiard room, art and hobby studio, hot tub and swimming pool, and many other services that are full of entertainment. 

Super cooperative and professional staff:

We make sure that we hire staff that is professionally trained so that they can handle all our guests at the village in the most respectable and valuable manner. We make sure that the staff we hire is professional enough to deal with the old age people. We are aware of the fact that the old age people often become cranky and short-tempered at times and at that time they require special care and attention and a professional way of dealing with them is required. We assure that all our staff members are aware of the fact they have to deal with people who need special attention and care.

Availability of medical facilities:

This point is the strongest point that makes The Foundation Village unique from other retirement villages. We believe that dealing with old age people requires an important tool of having medical facilities a call away that is why we have a complete arrangement of every sort of medical facility available at our village.